Co-founded in 2015, Captiz was a SaaS marketplace specialized in creating video subtitles, from transcription to translation. In 2017 we handled 380 hours of video content across 983 missions.

We worked with all kind of clients, mostly universities looking to reach a broader audience (either by translating their content or making it accessible for deaf and hard of hearing) and dubbing studios looking for fast translations.

In 2 years we’ve created subtitles in numerous languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Korean etc…​) working with hundreds of translators (more than a 1 000 freelancers applied to our network).

To make this service possible, we created an online subtitle editor and a freelance management platform. Videos were streamed from our AWS infrastructure and freelancers were creating subtitles 100% online.

Captiz editor

Captiz was acquired in 2017 by Lylo Media Group.